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The Nokia Advanced Car Kit CK-7W is for you if you want a convenient way to make handsfree calls while you're in the car.

With a Nokia Advanced Car Kit CK-7W you can:
Connect your phone to the car kit automatically by Bluetooth from your bag or pocket when the ignition is switched on, or by using a cable connection (the car kit requires professional installation).
Take calls with the music on - there's a handy remote control and your car stereo automatically goes to mute during a call (on compatible stereo systems).
Talk while you are in the care using the kit's external microphone: sound is played through the kit's speaker, or through your vehicle audio system.
Arrive with a full battery: your phone charges when connected via cable in a compatible phone holder.

CK-7W Key Features
Handsfree communication
Two connection options: Wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection and through cable via the Pop-PortTM connector
Call handling and volume adjustment via Remote Control Button
Car radio mute
Ignition sense detection
External loudspeaker output
Audio line out
Mobile phone charging - depending on selected holder
Voice tag activation - requires phone support  

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