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The speaker-independent Dialog-Plus voice control has a unique word recog­nition system which is both fast and highly accurate. However complicated a name sounds, however quickly you say a telephone number, the CC 9060 re­sponds to your voice immediately - and isn't affected by background noise.
To help you use the voice control func­tion effectively, the system provides clear visual and audio prompts, making for a highly user-friendly and enjoyab­le experience. And thanks to text-to-speech functionality, the CC 9060 can also read text messages out loud - so you get the information you need wi­thout needing to look at the phone's display.

THB Bury CC 9060 features:
•DialogPlus voice control - fast and accurate word recognition; no voice training required; visual and audio prompts
•Easy-to-use system with intuitive 2.8-inch touchscreen
•Voice dialling
•Text-to-speech - reads text messages out loud* [Not all phones have the capability to transfer over texts to the CC9060]
•Multiple Call Handling - swap and hold calls, conference with up to 7 participants*
•MP3 playback from mobile phone over car's hi-fi system*
•Automatic call answering available
•Display shows contacts, call log, reception quality, handset model and name of network provider*
•Can store multiple numbers for one contact
•Maximum capacity: 10 handsets, 1000 text messages, 150 voice tags, 15,000 contacts [1000 contacts per phone]
•Crystal-clear voice reproduction via vehicle's built-in sound system; automatic radio muting when calling
•Light sensor automatically switches between day and night mode, with a choice of colour schemes available for each
*The scope of the functions may vary according to mobile phone, network provider and software version.

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