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The Nokia 810 car phone's handset introduces a highly developed interface centered on function keys and the NaviTM wheel. Press to activate and answer; spin to control the volume. Voice dialing and other voice commands minimize the time you spend touching the handset.

Call information and received text messages appear on a separate large-font display with backlighting for day- or night time use.

Convenient ConnectionsThe built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly download new contacts from your compatible mobile phone. Or use the Nokia 810 car phone as a data modem for your compatible laptop: connect either wirelessly or via the RS232 interface.

Two Drivers
The Nokia 810 car phone is a smart investment for companies where people share cars, as it offers two separate user profiles: each person can store their own voice commands, contacts, ringing tones, and messages.

Full Specifications
•Dual-band EGSM 900/GSM 1800 operation
•Internal SIM card reader
•Ignition sense
•NaviTM wheel
•Bluetooth interface
•RS232 connector
•Modem and fax function via RS232 and Bluetooth interface
•GSM data transfer:
- HSCSD up to 43.2 kbps
- GPRS up to 40.2 kbps
•AT command set
•Memory for 2 user profiles including contacts, voice tags, and personal settings
•Contacts download from compatible mobile phone supporting Bluetooth technology
•Forwarding of business cards and calendar entries to a compatible phone via either text message or wireless Bluetooth technology

Audio Features
•Handsfree with excellent audio quality, option to use compatible existing car loudspeakers
•Support fot car radio mute
•Switch between compatible headset supporting Bluetooth technology and car audio
•Ringing tone and speaker volume adjustment with NaviTM wheel
•Switch between normal, silent, and standby modes

Voice Features
•User-dependent voice dialing, memory for up to 12 names per user profile
•3 user-dependent predefined voice commands per user data set:
- Replay voice memos
- Download contacts
- Connect Bluetooth headset

Call Features
•Call initiation:
- Voice dialing with name tags
- From phonebook
- From call registers
- From favorites list
- Number dialing
- Speed dialing
•Accept/reject an incoming call
•Voice call back to SMS sender
•Closed User Group
•Fixed Dialing Number

•Read SMS
•Send predefined SMS templates

Interfaces Supported
•GSM 900/1800 antenna
•Bluetooth profiles:
- Object Push
- Dial-up Networking
- Fax
- Serial Port
- Headset
- Handsfree
•RS232 connector

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