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Dension's Gateway 300 is the next step up in the iPod Car Kit development. The Gateway 300 is the big brother too the Gateway 100 and has the same compatibility and functions such as steering wheel controls and iPod charging but with a few exceptions and additional features.

The main feature or advantage of the gateway 300 is the ability to connect multipul devices. The 300 is capable of reading all FAT file system devices including USB sticks and USB mass storage devices. This feature is particluary popular with music lovers as 10,000's of additional tracks can be stored on new USB sticks as well as the thousands you can have on your iPod. The Dension Gateway 300 also has an AUX input so any MP3 music device with AUX (standard headphone socket) can be connected and played.

The Gateway 300 works in the same way as the 100, in that it connects into the CD Changer socket on the back of the factory fitted radio, when connected it emulates an external CD Changer (as far as the radio is concerned) the gateway PCB then translates the iPod Data to a compatible signal that radio is capable of reading, meaning you get full control of your iPod and music while your iPod is being charged when connected.

The Dension Gateway 300 is still a vehicle (radio) specific iPod adapter, so the correct Gateway 300 kit is required, however if you order from ipod car kit direct we do all the hard work for you. Just select the vehicle or radio from the drop down menu and we will do the rest.

Dension have recently updated the firmware on the gateway range ensuring the new iPod's that Apple have released will be compatible with your vehicle.

The Gateway 300 is the best kit on the market if you want an iPod car connection with additional source selection. The Hard-wired connection allows you to control your iPod from the steering wheel control (when available) so selecting your source (device) is easy. The connection also ensures perfect digital quality so you can enjoy your music in the same quality it was recorded in.

Additional Features
•iPod control from your original radio and steering controls
•iPod charging function
•USB input for mass storage devices, memory sticks and MP3 players
•Supports MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA & playsforsure
•Audio input via 3.5mm jack
•Video output (AV extender required) 

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