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The Dension Ice Link One, is the latest in Densions range of Universal iPod Vehicle Adapters. The Ice Link One is the upgraded version of the Ice link FM which was one of Densions best sellers in previous years.

Dension have upgraded the Firmware on the Ice link One, which means it is now compatible with all the new iPod's (as of 2008) so you you can enjoy all of your music library which ever iPod you own.

The Ice Link One is installed directly into the vehicles aerial input socket and draws power from the radio harness. This ensures you receive a high quailty connection that also charges your iPod while connected.

The Ice link One is an FM Modulator which translates the MP3 music stored on your iPod into a frequency similar to DAB signal, which is then sent via a hard-wired connection into the aerial ensuring you receive a signal as close to digital as possible. This significantly reduces the chances of any interference and ensures you receive crisp & clean CD quality music from start to finish. This kit should in know way connected with the FM Transmitters

Dension First produced the Ice link One for an alternative for vehicles that are incompatible with the Gateway range, however the device has now become as popular as its big brother (the Gateway 100) due to the excellent quality audio production and no vehicle compatibility restraints.

The Ice link One is the perect kit for when;

•There is no Gateway 100 available for your Vehicle
•The CD Changer port is already in use by another device
•There is no Axillary line in on your radio
•Your radio does not have CD Changer controls
•You are driving a classic or leased vehicle
The Kit is controlled via the iPod, making the song your selection easy and is supplied with an active cradle (ideal for mounting on your dashboard) and inserts for the latest iPods. The Ice link One charges your iPod and is automatically switched on and off with the engine. This really is the best option when the Gateway range is not available.

Please call us for a list of compatible vehicles. 

( * price does not include delivery or installation unless stated)

We do not use online ordering as we like to ensure that you are buying exactly what you need to avoid disappointment.
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