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prices start from £ 249.99 *

Road Angel Professional Connected Features:

Mobile Safety Camera Alerts (incl.

user maintained live locations)
Safety & Camera Updates over
GPRS (not enabled for roaming)**
Accident Blackspot Alerts
School Zone
Congestion Zone Alert
SPECS Zone Alerts
Fixed Safety Camera Alerts
Fatigue Alert
Overspeed Alert
Railway Alerts
Night Mode
Spoken Speed Limit
Automatic on/off
SMS Mail : Receive text message to device
Tracking : Web portal for tracking device*
**Ongoing subscription required for automatic updates
*Additional subscription required after initial 1 month trial
period for this service.

Road Angel Professional Connected hardware:

SRAM : 128Kbytes
Flash : 1GBit Flash
Full Colour Display : Wintek 2.4" TFT LCD/Backlit/ Res. 320x240
USB Device : Mini Type B connector
Processor : Atmel AT91SAM7SE
GPS : Atmel ATR0635 (ext patch antenna option)
On-board SIM : Integrated SIM for GPRS connectivity
Audio : Woolfson WM8510GEDS/V
Battery : Lithuim-ion 2200mAh
Auxillary socket for Laser Attachment
Remote Control : In-built IR
Dimensions 10.5cm width x 5.5cm height x 5.5cm depthEASY UPDATES
With the number of speeding cameras set to dramatically increase and accident data changing constantly, Blackspot Interactive are constantly working to verify new locations and delete obsolete ones. These changes are easily updated to your ROAD ANGEL with the supplied software. Subscription charges of £4.99 per month by Direct Debit, a minimum 12 month contract is required.

Road Angel Professional Connected, guarding your life and livelihood.

Please Note; vehicles with UV Reflect windscreens may need an additional antenna.

Accessories included as standard :

UK charger, windscreen and dash mounts, 12v power cable

( * price does not include delivery or installation unless stated)

We do not use online ordering as we like to ensure that you are buying exactly what you need to avoid disappointment.
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