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Vehicle Tracking
The primary purpose of BOX-tracker is to log vehicle movements and by using the latest GPS technology it's able to do so in many areas and enclosed spaces other trackers fail to work. It is exceptionally fast in obtaining initial satellite lock so the start location is always accurate. Logs can be sent immediately to your sever or stored and forwarded at specific time or distance intervals.


Unlike many trackers which simply log raw NMEA packets BOX-tracker converts and logs data in a format which makes it easy for you to handle. And BOX-tracker ensures the highest positional accuracy by taking advantage of features available on the GPS unit other trackers ignore.


Installation is simple, requiring just a connection to the vehicles battery and ignition switch. Three diagnostic lights indicate the status of the battery, ignition switch and GPRS connection, making it incredibly easy to guarantee the installation is working.


Measuring just 135 x 70 x 21.5mm it is one of the smallest tracking devices currently available and with an integral GSM/GPS antenna it can be installed covertly reducing the risk of detection and tampering. Communication
The communication interface has been designed to make integration to your existing systems as simple as possible allowing many customers to complete this in just a few days.


The primary method of communication is over GPRS, although SMS may be used where this is more economical or preferred. A simple ASCII based protocol over TCP or a binary UDP protocol may be used, both are standard features. Communication round trips have been minimised to provide the most cost effective communication protocol available whilst guaranteeing all data is received.


Security features within the protocol help ensure data received by your server is from a valid device, minimising the potential of hackers compromising data integrity by spoofing a trackers serial number.


BOX-tracker is highly configurable allowing you to customise how it works to suit your needs. You can either provide your own configuration or use the free web based configuration features hosted at BOX, making integration into your system even simpler.


Turn your new tracker on and it can connect to the servers at BOX and reconfigure the tracker to your specific requirements, doing away with the need to reconfigure each tracker prior to installation. This can be limited to just reprogramming its APN to connect to your servers, to fully configuring all available features.


To facilitate this you have free access to BOX-Online on the BOX web site to setup your own configuration settings. Of cause this is optional, if you prefer you can provide your own configuration facilities.


Firmware Upgrades
BOX-tracker has the ability to upgrade its firmware over the air via GPRS/TCP. This can be implemented on your own servers or you may take advantage of the free upgrade facilities hosted at BOX.


SIM Free
BOX-tracker is sold SIM free allowing you to choose your preferred network. Alternatively we can provide a wide range of SIMs at very competitive prices. And the SIM is accessible without having to open the case.


A variety of electrical equipment can be connected and monitored by BOX-tracker via its digital and analogue inputs. The frequency and conditions the inputs are logged is configurable and all data is transferred to your server. Two digital outputs allow you to control features such as vehicle immobilisation. Driver Identification and vehicle immobilisation is available either by your own hardware or an optional installation kit.


An RS232 interface is also available for connecting to serial devices allowing transparent communication with your server or local logging of information within BOX-tracker. Data logged within the tracker is transmitted as part of the normal log transfer protocol.


Tracking Software
For those who use third party tracking software we can also offer our fleet tracking software solution, Spoton.


Spoton works over the Internet and is hosted and full supported at BOX. By branding Spoton with your own logo it provides the most affordable and quickest way to enter the vehicle track market allowing you to sell tracking solutions to your customers branded with your company name. Spoton is subject to monthly costs billed either to you or direct to your customers.



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